Our Aromatherapy Series features ready-to-go books, fully-written and available for your name as a co-author. We customize the title for you, adding your name to the cover and including your contact information – along with personalized material inside the book. These books can be a valuable tool in selling DoTERRA products.


Available Titles:

oils coverAromatherapy: “Harnessing the Power of Essential Oils for EmotionalĀ Support & Oral Health Create Your Dream Dental Practice”

See how the personalization works. Download a sample copy in PDF form here.


This 70-page book, written by Nancy Illman, an experienced essential oils consultant, helps you establish long-term account relationships with dental practices. It contains numerous insights and recommendations for the safe use of essential oils in a dental practice: as both an enhancement to dental care and an upsell opportunity for the dental practice itself.