For I Will Be With You: Complete Instructor Workbook Set


Companion Instructor Guides to the “For I Will Be With You” addiction recovery workbooks. Each workbook contains a month’s worth of daily readings from the Five Books of Moses, followed by a short comment that connects the Biblical material with addiction recovery concepts. For each day’s reading, there are questions to help the recovering addict with recovery and a 12 step journaling exercise based on the daily reading. The Instructor Guides also contain suggested discussion and journaling prompts the Instructor can use to facilitate the recovery process through the workbook. Each Instructor Guide also contains the full Biblical text of its respective Book of Moses.

5 Soft Cover Instructor Guides | 82 Pages each | 8.5”x 11”


Product Description

This is the complete set of Instructor Guides meant to be used in counseling individuals who are working through the accompanying “For I Will Be With You” recovery workbooks based on the Five Books of Moses.  This set contains a separate, 82 page Instructor Guide for Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

These Instructor Guides are intended to help addiction treatment professionals facilitate a Bible-themed approach to recovery. In the five workbooks, the recovering addict reads a verse from the successive Five Books Moses for each day of a month-long period, e.g. one month for Genesis, Exodus, etc.  Each verse is followed by a short comment that connects the Biblical material with addiction recovery concepts. For each day’s reading, the workbook asks questions to help the client consider the meaning of the text as it relates to his or her own recovery process. Each day’s reading also contains a suggested journaling exercise based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Throughout these Instructor Guides, you will find suggested questions and discussion drivers that go beyond the questions contained in the basic workbook. These questions are designed to encourage personal reflection, sharing and discussion – at the levels of group, individual treatment and journaling.

The goal of these workbooks, as well as the full-length book of daily reflections on which they are based, is to provide a way for people of faith to make progress in addiction recovery. They are not meant to supplant any existing, proven treatment modalities or literature, such as the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Rather, this resource is offered as a means to show a person of faith that the first five books of The Bible, the foundational text of the entire Judeo-Christian tradition, is rich with insights and revelations that can assist in the recovery process.

There is no correct way for clients to use the workbooks. Everyone should, as they say in the rooms, “Take what you like and leave the rest.” However, there is a suggested process contained within its pages: Over a period of one month, read the Biblical verse for each day. On the first of the month, the client should read “Day 1,” “Day 2 on the second day of the month and so forth. For each day, there is a set of questions and a space for personal journaling. To get the most out of this workbook, the client should consider setting aside some time to think about the reading, answer the questions and do some journaling.

The book contains the full text of the Book of Leviticus.
5 Soft Cover Instructor Guides | 82 Pages each | 8.5”x11”


About the Author

Boruch Binyamin is the pen name of a 51 year old religious Jewish man who has been staying sober in Alcoholics Anonymous for 15 years. He wrote the full-length version of this book, “For I Will Be With You,” to connect the wisdom of The Torah – the first five books of The Bible – with the principles of AA addiction recovery. Going from Genesis 1:1 through the end of Deuteronomy, the book offers a Biblical verse and its connection to sober concepts for each day of the year. Each daily reflection is intended to give the reader a way to think about the practices of 12 step recovery programs in the context of the Bible.




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