From Readers

  • “I LOVE the book!  I have incorporated in into my morning mediation and am loving it… Thank you thank you thank you!!” –  D.D.
  • “I read your book every day, every morning as a part of my mediation and even through the day as I need inspiration from God. I love it. Thank you so much for writing “For I Will Be With You” – Amos “Red” Turner
  • “I received one of these, and I’ve read it daily since I got it. Very good little pocket devotional & so glad I asked for it. I have many friends in recovery & wish I was able to hand one to everyone. Thank you for sending me one!” –  C.C.
  • “I finished the booklet today and wanted more so I just bought the paperback and workbook!!!!!! Thank you Boruch Binyamin!!!!!!!!! I love.” –  S.B.


  • – “I thought this was an amazing read to see the chapters of Leviticus, Genesis, and others spelled out and relatable. The messages were all compelling and well-written, and I loved the way the book spoke directly to the reader to offer guidance and suggestions.”
  • – 5.0 out of 5 starsI enjoyed this book it is a great daily meditation book … “I enjoyed this book it is a great daily meditation book I have received it from the actual author of the book I tell you when I say this is a great book you need to get this and read it every day along with other recovering materials and even if you’re not in recovery it is a very great book.” – Amazon Customer
  • Goodreads – Alix Randall rated it – “It was amazing – For I Will Be With You has been a great help to my recovery. The topics are inspirational and I really appreciate aligning the 12-Steps with different ways of approaching and learning about a higher power. There is something for everyone in this book. I highly recommend it!
  • Goodreads – Nic nittle rated it “Really liked it – This was an interesting read. I am personally not an Alcoholic, but my mother is in recovery. Going on 8 months in March. I feel this book is helpful and will better help me to help her. A good read with interesting ideas. I would recommend. It was nicely written and thought out.”